Hello all readers !

Here I will post my best crazy ideas about everything ! Most of you want to make money, others want to learn how to use a website, so everyone will go crazy here !

Being done with the introduction, let’s get to the point now. I will love to write here about some ideas that challenge the common sense in several areas. For example, I will write for my readers some insights regarding the way of bringing traffic when one pays his readers or bribe them (lovely, isn’t it ?), about using the “avalanche effect”, also about sharing knowledge with others, about the power of anonymity blogging, and about how to overcome the syndrome of “we, the others, from the ivory tower”.

In fact, there are a lot of people worried that if they disclose their identity to their readers while they are still unsuccessful (because nobody was ever born as an expert in his field) they risk their future credibility and prestige.

This is the place where you need few fresh ideas and a crazy approach in order to put things in their place. After I describe to you my personal experience, I am sure you will understand the reason of creating such a blog. I am going to consider your real needs for information and advices, so I am not going to start this blog by monetizing it for the moment, because I don’t want to earn money for the start, just to be a genuine blogger, hopefully with several followers interested to read what I have to say about such topics.

My blog is posted in a subdomain of wordpress now, so I cannot use AdSense ads to earn any money from it. Well, we, the bloggers from the “ivory tower” don’t want to earn money one from the others, right ? 🙂

Thanks for reading until here, please bookmark this website if you find it interesting (or add it in your RSS reader to receive automatically my post excerpts, or subscribe by email for new posts if you like) and let’s go further.

I’m glad to be of help to you, so feel free to navigate and find anything that could be of interest for you.

Welcome everyone !