I’ve put up a little test page to explain to the world how is possible to earn readers by paying or bribing them. I love to use pages as “sandboxes” just to make a point.

You will easily see that I did not inserted there any link to this website here, just to not send back the traffic and not to suggest people what happens actually there.

The address is right here http://bestcrazyideas.blogspot.com/

I invite you to not comment there, because I don’t want to bias the results. Just look what happens.

People are very careful in what they choose, so I will look and explain to you what happens there after the test comes to an end.

In fact, a lot of people love to indulge themselves even after their smallest success or earnings, so why to not give people what they desire ? This would be a best strategy to sell, which I will define it in my future posts for you.

The lesson that we all must take from here is that the internet offers us an extreme opportunity to exchange and to earn in the same time, to advertise ourselves and to gather knowledge, so that we can become our genuine self and to express better ourselves.

Back to the point, if all us can find rewards that to help us on our road, these will make it easier.

Note: I will edit again this post after the test ends successfully. Thanks for reading !