I hear very often about people complaining they don’t make enough money with AdSense. Let’s look closer what happens actually.

If you have a small website well placed into the Google search results pages, it is obvious that there are a lot of people just looking around, which actually just click on your AdSense ads, but are not wiling to purchase anything from these destination websites. Say that for example maximum density of your keywords could be linked to at most 50 different websites or profiles of websites. The advertisers can control how they spend their budget, so that from 50 ads displayed into your website, 30 of them also bid for other keywords, and their higher bids are for ads NOT displayed into your website because of your content.

Definitely, as you enjoy your first or second month of good income, these advertisers can target other content publishers, not to say about them spending their budget and defining new ways of advertising. You can say “OK, but my AdSense ads will never disappear from my pages !” This is correct, only that the “luck” or “unluck” of the entire niche can hit you very hard in the long term, if you understand what I mean.

You cannot observe that sometimes you have high rates of clicks into your pages, and other times you have lower rates, in both cases if we take count only of the organic searches (visitors that came through your website from Google or Yahoo only) !

I had months where I earned well from a website just to see later that despite the good traffic the people were not so much into clicking my ads from time to time. We cannot control what is beyond us, but we must do control what we have.

What is the solution, therefore ?

Work in creating free website content that actually can be very well connected with lucrative content : for example in a website about nice sky resorts worldwide, your ads will be as such : hotel best deals ( which invite the visitor to go and buy there ), nice discounts for sky boots ( again, “go and buy” links !!), good travel fares for Alps ( yeap ! ), and a lot of good incentives for not only clicking in these ads, but for purchasing anything from these websites actually .

Very often, the savvy webmasters looking at a such website won’t ever copy the URL and paste it in the browser (trying to avoid a click on your ads), because they don’t see the URL ! They are forced to click on the offer itself, falling in the trap ! Ah, I didn’t mention here the simple users, interested in something simple, as just reading some good content about skying, too 🙂

For this reason, chose carefully your niche, imagine what content will be displayed on your ads and then work to keep fresh your website !

I wish you good luck !