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I’ve put up a little test page to explain to the world how is possible to earn readers by paying or bribing them. I love to use pages as “sandboxes” just to make a point.

You will easily see that I did not inserted there any link to this website here, just to not send back the traffic and not to suggest people what happens actually there.

The address is right here

I invite you to not comment there, because I don’t want to bias the results. Just look what happens. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello all readers !

Here I will post my best crazy ideas about everything ! Most of you want to make money, others want to learn how to use a website, so everyone will go crazy here !

Being done with the introduction, let’s get to the point now. I will love to write here about some ideas that challenge the common sense in several areas. For example, I will write for my readers some insights regarding the way of bringing traffic when one pays his readers or bribe them (lovely, isn’t it ?), about using the “avalanche effect”, also about sharing knowledge with others, about the power of anonymity blogging, and about how to overcome the syndrome of “we, the others, from the ivory tower”. Read the rest of this entry »

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